Member Guidelines


Founder and CEO – Dougie Boxen

Senior Manager – Kiana Lexenstar

Creative Director/Public Relations – Rogue Falconer

Creative Manager(s) – nycfinest101 resident

Advisor/Mentor – Ricoracer Flux

Marketing Manager(s) – *Hiring* (Contact Dougie Boxen for inquiries)

Junior Manager – *Hiring* (Contact Dougie Boxen for inquiries)

Member guidelines

1) Behavior

DO NOT involved STYLE KINGDOM in any drama or personal disagreements or gripes.
We believe that Second Life should be fun for everyone especially to all our models, photographers and staff. Therefore, we do not have any restrictions on what our members do in Second Life. Do what you love, be with whomever you choose, work with whoever you want. The ONLY thing we asked is that you don’t involved us in any personal gripes or drama. If there are disagreements among the members, work it out between yourselves or at the very least be able to act professionally. If you have a problem with Style Kingdom, feel free to come to any of the staff/managers so it can be worked out. Bad mouthing Style Kingdom, causing drama or conflict, attacking the projects or staff in any way are all grounds for immediate termination.

2) Professionalism

If you cast, it means that you are available for the photoshoot and are able to follow directions willingly without any complaints. Please note that there are rare times that you might be asked to re-style to fit the theme. Once casted, it is your responsibility to be available for any photoshoot and be on time. If we have a hard time reaching you and you keep missing your appointments, you will be replaced and be up for dismissal in the group without salary. All stylists and photographers, please make the deadline so that you won’t delay the release of the book. If you cannot meet a deadline for a project, contact the staff in advance so we can do something about it.

3) Privacy

Style Kingdom announces in advance our magazine themes/ideas in the group. We expect all members to keep the information in the group only. Anyone caught stealing ideas or divulging the information to others not associated with Style Kingdom will be dismissed from the group.

4) Commitment

All members must CAST at least ONCE A YEAR.
We want a small group of active members. We prefer to keep Style Kingdom small so we can provide work for everyone that truly wants to be part of the projects. In order to be a member of the group, a member must cast at a minimum of once magazine vol a year. Every December, we will be reviewing the group to see who is active or not. If you are inactive due to Real Life Conflict, Emergency or for Personal Reasons, please send Dougie Boxen a note card. Inactive members will be ejected from the group.

***You must be a member of the Style Kingdom inworld group to participate in our projects, unless otherwise invited or selected from public castings. Lacking group space is NOT one of those special reasons and we won’t add you back to the group.

5) Loyalty

If you are involved in a Style Kingdom project, we kindly ask that you promote your picture in your flickr, blog or other social networks. We are very proud to have you with us in the group and our projects are designed to promote you as a stylist, so we are looking for people who love to be part of our work and want to share it with others. We want to support everyone who supports us. If you consistently ignore putting your picture from our projects in your social network sites, that is your right but it is our right as well not to use you in the future. If you are not happy or proud of the work we do, this group is not for you.

6) Resignation

If you decide to leave the group, please let us know so we can update our website and RL stylist list etc…
NO matter what the reason is (Real Life Conflict/Retirement/Etc), be professional enough to let us know. No questions will be asked and no hard feelings. If you leave without any word, you will not be welcomed back to the group or any of our projects in the future.

THANK YOU stylists, photographers and staff. If you have any questions, please direct them to Dougie Boxen.


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