Model’s Casting

We are excited to announce that we are seeking new faces to add to our family of models and artists.

We are looking for three (3) creative, interesting stylists with unique styling skills to add to our model’s team. We welcome any and all stylists to apply, if you think you have what it takes, model, blogger, photography, shopaholic we encourage you to apply for a chance to join our team!

See our previous issues here:


The Themes:

Please select from one or more of the following 5 themes based on upcoming issues of Style Kingdom:

1) Abstract (example below):


2) Punk (example below):


3) Hipster (example below):


4) Boho (example below):


5) High Street Fashion (example below):



How to Cast:

Please style an outfit based on one or more of these themes, we ask that there be no ‘full outfits’ created by one designer, be creative! Mix up your designers, redefine a style, and most of be unique!

Provide an image no smaller than 1500 x 1500, this can be a high definition snapshot, or a post processed image. No photo morphs will be accepted and this includes the drawing of additional body parts or hair. All items featured need to exist inside Second Life.

The images selected, by a panel of judges will be asked to join Style Kingdom.

Cast by submitting a notecard to Rogue Falconer, please title the notecard: “Style Kingdom VOL12PC – (Your Name)”, inside you will need to include your photo(s) full perm, the themes you are applying for, as well as a list of style credits for each style provided. All notecards not named correctly will be discarded.

Deadline is 9th March 2015 – Best of Luck

Model’s Casting